Hi I am jacson Saturno a product designer. I am obsessed with designing using flowing curves and brutal edges. The reason I have adapted to combining angles and curves is because its remnant of nature, because nature can either be soft and forgiving or it can be brutal and sharp and I wish to incorporate that style of thinking into as many designs as possible. I like nature and I love the obscurities that nature produces. Oddities like how nasal conche are formed to the structural properties of elements.

I found my passion for design when I discovered Tinker Hatfield’s air Jordan five. I was in awe of the shoe and I still am today, later on I discovered the process of how the air Jordan five designed thinking that went into it. From then on I knew I wanted to be a designer because then I too could create an object that will inspire someone else and cause a change in the direction of their life’s as well. It may very well be a shoe I still have the passion for it, but I find so many other areas of design captivating.