Recoil 3

Prior to this project, I struggled to put on my headphones with one hand. I wondered about how often someone might be in a similar situation were both hands are not available. With the issue in mind, I set out to investigate using Solid Works to peek at what solutions were possible and model a new headphone design. My final design was a unique combination of earpiece rotation with a rigid headband that allowed the user to have a firm grip and be able to secure their headphone correctly using only one hand.

The problems that I wanted to overcome with the design of theses headphones are the ability to put one headphones with one hand and how to make headphone that pivot swivel and extend without excess parts. I was able to create a headband with an odd shape that allowed a user to place them on their head without having to use two hands. The connecting arm was the next feature that achieved the other issue I was to overcome. It has an almost snake like appearance that gives the headphones their name. The reason for the three in the name is because this is the second project designed for audio that had a snake like feature.